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Programme travail Bogota - Carthagene

Association Droit & Commerce (Association for Law and Commerce)


This organization operates as a meeting place for lawyers and economists who are interested in business law and who work in different areas: judges, attorneys, university professors, notaries, accountants and other professionals in the business community, such as financial advisers, tax specialists, trustees, in-house counsel, corporate leaders and students.


Observatorio Electoral

Presidente: Alejandro Lapadú
Vice Presidente: Alejandro Solano
Secretaria: Tina di Battista
Vocales: Jovino Alvarez, Roanne Peña, Sonia Arcila, Oscar Villar, Fernando Saenger y Ulises Montoya.

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The Inter-American Bar Foundation has been in place since 1957, originally created under Pennsylvania law: http://interamericanbarfoundation.org/IABFPDFFILE.pdf
Upholding the Rule of Law in the Americas is one of its goals and it cooperates with its sister organization, the Inter-American Bar Association (IABA) to pursue this objective.  
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