The deadline for submitting nominations has been extended until May 31, 2024 – 3:00 pm EDT 
La fecha límite para enviar nominaciones ha sido extendida hasta el 31 de mayo de 2024 – 3:00 pm (hora de Washington DC)

IABA-LexisNexis Rule of Law Award

The Inter-American Bar Association – IABA and LexisNexis are delighted to announce the IABA/LexisNexis Rule of Law Award 2024, established to recognize an individual or organization within the legal community for their outstanding contribution to advancing the Rule of Law.

The award will be presented to the honoree or his/her representative in a ceremony during the IABA 60th Annual Conference on “Economy, Law, and Democracy in the Era of AI: Promoting a Compliance Culture”, to be held in Miami, FL, June 17-20, 2024. The winner will receive an engraved trophy and up to US$5,000 to be used towards the travel and accommodation costs for the honoree to attend the IABA Conference for the award presentation, or which the honoree can choose to donate to a Rule of Law related not-for-profit organization of their choice, subject to the approval of the IABA and LexisNexis.

Nominations, including self-nominations, can be submitted by IABA members or non-IABA members until May 31st, 2024, and should include the following:

  1. Nominees’ full name and contact information. Biography or organization information.
  2. Detailed description of their outstanding contribution to advancing the Rule of Law.
  3. At least one letter of recommendation.

All nominees must be IABA members, lawyers, judges, bar associations, or lawyers’ organizations practicing in the public or private sector; must have spearheaded the development and advancement of the Rule of Law and made significant and recent contributions to promote the Rule of Law in any of the following areas:

  1. Equality Under the Law.
  2. Transparency of Law.
  3. Independent Judiciary.
  4. Accessible Legal Remedy.

The nominee who is an IABA Member must be up to date in the payment of their membership dues to apply.

The nominations must be sent in both Spanish and English to iaba@iaba.org by 3:00 pm EDT on May 31st, 2024.


Lourdes Victoria Venes
Secretary General

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